Windows – How to switch drive letters efficiently

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I have 2 storage drives, one is a hard drive and the other is an SSD.

I used to run windows on the hard drive, and left the SSD untouched. but then I installed another windows copy on the SSD (which has the E:/ letter).

The drives currently are:

C:/ [Hard Drive] Has old OS

E:/ [SSD] Has new OS

I'd like to make the new OS (SSD) as the primary drive, therefore having the C:/ letter instead.

I tried switching the old C:/ to H:/ and then switch E:/ to C:/ but it said: Invalid parameter.

Anyone has an idea how to do this?

P.S. I really don't want to reinstall E:/ again if possible.

Best Answer

  • Unplug the "old" OS hard drive and plug your new SSD into that same cable. Don't plug the "old" HD into anything. Does the computer boot onto your new SSD?

    If it does then plug the old HD onto the other cable and you should be good to go. If it doesn't boot, then you'll need to fix the boot loader on your SSD. Load up your Windows 7 disc and select the repair option. It'll fix this for you. Once this boot loader is fixed, now you can plug your "old" hard drive into one of the other SATA cables, and you should be able to access your old data from the new SSD-booted OS. I'd advise taking what you want from the old drive, then doing a full format of it.