Windows – How to sync contacts between Outlook and Windows Live


Does anyone know how to sync contacts in Outlook with Windows Live contacts? I’ve got Outlook Connector but all that does is makes Live contacts visible in Outlook and doesn’t actually sync them.

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  • Paul Thurrott has a few thoughts about this:

    Yes, you can actually change a Windows Live account to be the default account in Microsoft Outlook. You do so by visiting Tools, Account Settings and then the Data Files tab in the Account Settings dialog. If you select your Windows Live account (typically named and click the Set as Default button, you will see your Windows Live account data by default when you click the Mail, Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks shortcut buttons in Outlook. And if your Windows Live account is your main email account, or your only email account, you may want to do just this

    It seems if you set your Windows Live to your default in Outlook, you should be able to move your contacts over to Windows Live contacts and sync them immediately.

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