Windows – How to Win+S be disabled in Windows 8

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I have Windows 8.1 Preview but this applies also to Windows 8 – how can I disable Win+S shortcut (preferably remap it to another shortcut) but keep other Win+X shortcuts?

Reason for that is that I'm used to map another program to Win+S shortcut but this doesn't work in Windows 8 where this shortcut is assigned to system feature (Search charm). So I would like to change shortcut for Search charm to for example Win+A or eventually just disable it. Is it possible?

Best Answer

  • If you use Autohotkey, a free scripting utility for Windows, the remapping Win + S to Win + A is as simple as


    Or if you simply want to disable Win + S


    If you wish to run any program with the hotkey use

    Run, C:\Path\to\my\program.exe