Windows – I can’t install headset drivers

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I bought new headset (Razer kraken 7.1) and I have some issues with them. When I plug the headset into my PC, it tries to install 2 same drivers (kraken 7.1 drivers) but both fail. When I plug the headset into my laptop, 1 driver (kraken 7.1 driver) will download + the input and output driver will install correctly and my headset works good. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong with my PC?

I downloaded everything from Razer website but nothing helped, and contacted Razer support but they are not answering.

Best Answer

There are a few things to try to diagnose your problem.

Firstly - we need to know if its the headset or PC - does the headset work in another machin (if you have access to one)? If your pc accepts other new hardware, or this headset doesnt work in another machine - its probably the headset at fault.

Next up - things to try:

  • System restore ?
  • Razer Synapse Drivers - Razer offer universal drivers (called synapse) alongside their "per-model" drivers - try these?
  • Try disabling your antivirus and install again
  • Try running a windows update and then reinstall the drivers
  • Check the hardware has not been disabled in device manager by someone/something

If none of these get you anywhere, we can really start digging