Windows – I disabled Cortana but it still runs

cortanawindows 10

I have disabled Cortana in a number of different ways, including Settings, Registry, and Group Policy. Yet it still runs and hogs memory:

enter image description here

I see this post, but it's not very helpful.

Best Answer

The post you linked only appears not to be helpful, but the answer, while not accepted IS the correct answer.

"Cortana" is the friendly name given to the built-in search function of Windows 10. While many of its features can be disabled, such as the cloud, voice control, and other things, search itself is baked into the OS (as it has been since Windows 95, I think).

While you're seeing "Cortana" and thinking it's the voice search assistant thingy, in this case all you're seeing is the standard built-in search functions that are required for OS function.

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