Windows – Install Ansible in Windows, using Git-bash

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I am trying to install the Ansible open source automation platform on Windows. There are many guides out there for how to install Ansible using Cygwin (eg. 1, 2).

However, I already have Git-Bash installed on Windows 7 (from here).

Is it possible to install Ansible in Windows, inside Git-Bash.



I had a lot of problems with Cygwin.

  1. I installed Cygwin.
  2. Then I did pip install PyYAML, jinja, paramiko, cryptography, etc. I wanted to install the Ansible dependencies first and then do pip install ansible only at the end. It did not install paramiko and cryptography successfully. Two packages libffi and ncurses were found to be missing. I re-ran the Cygwin installer and installed libffi. I could not find ncurses.
  3. I restarted Cygwin and re-tried pip install paramiko cryptography. They did not install again and gave the same error message that libffi and ncurses were missing. At that point, I gave up and uninstalled Cygwin. I did not try it again.

To answer this question, I did this:

Best Answer

  • Git-Bash is insufficient to install ansible, it is lack of build tools.

    I recommend you try msys2(which git-bash base on), once install all ansible build dependencies, you can install ansible just by pip install ansible.

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