Windows – Is AtherosSvc Safe

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I have been looking through my services and noticed a service called "AtherosSvc" which has no description. It struck me as odd, as it is one of 10 services with no description, however all the others I know exactly what they are and what they do from their name. I did a quick google search and found that some sites called it a trojan, others said it was safe, and yet others said it was required for windows to function properly.

I am looking to know if AtherosSvc is safe and if it is, what does it do?

Details about the service:

  • Path to executable: C:\WINDOWS\system32\AdminService.exe
  • Startup type: Automatic
  • Log on as: Local System account
  • If this service fails: Take No Action
  • Dependencies: None

Best Answer

  • My research indicates that it is a Bluetooth driver for motherboards with built-in Bluetooth. However, most sites indicate that it should be found at %ProgramFiles%\Bluetooth Suite\adminservice.exe. The fact that yours is in C:\Windows\System32 might mean that it is not a legitimate version.

    If you are not using any Bluetooth features, it won't hurt anything to disable the service.