Windows – Is Speech Runtime Executable spying on me in Windows 10

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When looking at task manager I see Speech Runtime Executable always taking a bit of CPU

Microsoft Is Spying

Cortana (not Hey Cortana) is ON and Hey Cortana is OFF is enabled and these are my privacy settings


My computer has a built in microphone and I do not like Microsoft spying so I also have disabled some diagnostic and telemetry services

Are they listening to me?

Best Answer

Yes and no. Cortana is not only a text-to-speech converter. Its a virtual assistant which needs to be able to activated by voice commands (explains how it can detect it whenever you say "Hey Cortana") and to achieve that it needs to be "listening". That being said Cortana doesn't send whatever it hears to Microsoft. It's not a whistleblower :P . Information it stores comes from your interactions with it.