Windows – Is there some way to draw over active windows


I want to draw over active windows. For example, suppose I'm playing a game. I want to be able to draw over the game window to remind me of something later, but I don't want to take a screenshot, because it obviously won't display the game while I'm playing it.

What I need is to be able to draw over a window, but still be able to interact with it, is there any way to do that?

Best Answer

  • What you are asking for is called "on-screen annotation", for which there are many products available.

    The article On-screen annotation lists and describes many such products, some free and some commercial : Presentation Marker, Netop pointer, Annotate Pro, Screen Marker, Presentation Pointer, Screen Marker, Ultimate Pen, Ink2Go, HeyeLighter.

    It also points to Wikipedia's comparison of web annotation systems and also to the Makeuseof list of top web annotation tools.

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