Windows – iTunes – stuck in authorization loop

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I just got a new laptop with Windows 7 and thought that instead of trying to recover my music from my iPhone, I would just use the Homegroup I have set up to transfer the music from my old laptop. Well, I did that, but now iTunes has decided that all of my apps, but only 3 of my songs (out of the 70-80 that I've purchased) cannot be transferred to my iPhone (even though they're already there) because I'm not authorized.

It will prompt me to log in and authorize the computer (which I had already done).

alt text

Once I log in, it will just tell me I've already authorized this computer.

alt text

Then if I go and try to play the song, it will just prompt me to authorize it again.

I've searched Google and tried pretty much everything I could find. I've tried:

  1. deauthorizing -> logging out ->
    logging in -> reauthorizing
  2. Reinstalling iTunes
  3. Deleting the SC Info file

I've got 15 GB's worth of music, which doesn't transfer swiftly. So before doing anything drastic with my music collection, I thought I'd ask around here and see if anyone else had had similar issues, and hopefully found a fix.

Best Answer

You might have purchased some songs with a different iTunes account which will then not authorize, because the login details for that account, and its songs would be incorrect.