Windows keeps using a preferred DNS server


I have trouble using Panera WiFi, and I finally tracked down the problem:

Every time I reboot, Windows resets my TCP/IP settings for my wireless adapter to use a specific DNS server, instead of letting DHCP discover one.

How can I stop this from happening over and over again?

I have a suspicion that Tor/Vidalia/Polipo is doing this, but I their system tray GUIs are not set to run at startup.

Update: Specifically, my DNS settings are changed upon reboot to the following

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

This appears to be, a service of George Mason University, where I reside. Assuming this is just a persistent Windows setting and not spyware from their intrusive captive portal software (don't ask), how would I go about deleting this Windows setting?

I'm going to try a harsher resetting of the TCP/IP settings.

Best Answer

  • You may be infected with the DNS Changer virus. Go to this site and it can detect if you are infected (the site is actually run by the FBI as they are the ones managing the Command and Control servers sense the people who wrote the virus got arrested last year).

    If you are infected, the FBI is shutting down the servers July 8th so you will have no DNS after that date if you have not removed the infection.