Windows key randomly “sticks” on Windows 7/Vista

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I'm having this annoying problem where Windows randomly seems to decide that I have the Windows key pressed down (even though I don't), and every key press will trigger an associated Windows key shortcut until I press the Windows key, which seems to reset it. I don't get any kind of pop up or notification when this happens. It might happen once or twice a day.

I'm using Windows 7 now, but I had the same problem with Windows Vista on the same computer (although less frequently). Since first posting this question, I've gotten a new computer (also Windows 7), and I'm still experiencing this issue. I've also encountered it with two separate keyboards. At work, on Windows XP, I've never had this issue.

This is not a keyboard problem: I recently upgraded my keyboard and it persists.

I've turned off every setting on the Windows Ease of Access Center for keyboards, including sticky keys, toggle keys, filter keys, and mouse keys. However, I wouldn't be surprised if one of these was getting triggered anyway.

What's going on here, and how do I stop it?

Best Answer

I'm pretty sure your keyboard is malfunctioning... if this is a desktop, try another keyboard. If its a laptop, try cleaning the keyboard, but the laptops keyboards are kind of fragile. I mean, if the keyboard hardware went bad, you have to replace it.