Windows keyboard shortcut to move mouse cursor between two screens

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I have a laptop with its main screen(A) and a connected one(B).

Sometimes the mouse is on one screen(B) and I want it on another screen(A), but i'm just looking at the one screen(A) where the mouse isn't. I could drag a lot and look for it seeing for it to appear on A, or if B is on I can turn my head to B to see the cursor location on it(B) I can see when it'll get to A as I move it, But it'd be easier if I could just with a keyboard shortcut, get the mouse cursor in the middle of my laptop screen(A).

So a key to move the cursor from one screen to the other screen to a place i'd know where it is like the center. Even a mouse movement that does it, so long as whatever the move or key is works wherever the mouse is, would be ok. Is there a way?

Best Answer

  • Use AutoHotKey, with the "CoordMode" and the "MouseMove" commands.


    Sets coordinate mode for various commands to be relative to either the active window or the screen.


    Moves the mouse cursor.

    Here's an example to move it to the center of the current screen:

    CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
    MouseMove, (A_ScreenWidth // 2), (A_ScreenHeight // 2)