Windows – Laptop loses signal from WiFi router, but mobile phone holds it fine

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I have an extremely weird issue with my WiFi router. Both Ubuntu & Windows 7 can connect to it fine, but after 5-10 minutes browser (any one) stops opening pages and tells me it cannot resolve host address.

But, at the same time, tools like Skype or BitTorrent work without any issues. I can also browse Internet on my mobile phone connected to the very same router.

If I reset router it helps, but after 5-10 minutes I see just the same problem… Ubuntu tells me that WiFi signal is lost (mobile sees it), Windows 7 just won't let me browse anywhere.

Can anyone give me a suggestion on this, please?


Best Answer

Have you tried using a wired connection to the router (assuming your wireless-router has some wired network sockets)? If wired works, then it's almost certainly a WIFI issue and very likely has to do with your laptop wireless card and/or with interference from other WIFI devices. Also try having the laptop within a few feet of the wireless router. If that keeps the problem from showing up, then interference could be a contributing factor.