Windows – Laptop’s screen brightness momentary random changes while on battery mode

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My laptop's screen brightness momentary adjusts when doings several things, like when loading a web page, when scrolling up/down, when maximizing or minimazing a window.

These changes in brightness are momentary. They last for like 0.5 seconds the screen gets brighter or darker and then they get back to normal…

This happens ONLY in battery mode… I tries to adjust some power settings but still the same issue..

Do you think that is a hardware problem ? If so i need to return the laptop cause i bought it yesterday..

I use windows 8.

Thanks for your help!!

Best Answer

Specify your Laptop model number.
There is a chance that your laptop may be supporting Automatic Brightness Change (which is inbuilt in most android and windows phones).

Another chance is that a battery management software is regulating the brightness according to the power used by the processor.