Windows – Manually start screensaver with password protect

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Windows 7

I wish to manually lock the computer so I placed a shortcut to scrnsave.exe on the desktop. (I do not want the user to use Ctrl+Alt+Del –> Lock This Computer for various reasons)

Problem is that when double-clicked, the screen saver starts but it's not password protected.

However, in Personalization –> Screen Saver, that same screen saver is the selected one and it IS configured to display logon screen upon resume. And that works when Windows starts the screen saver.

So how can I cause "On resume, display logon screen" behavior by manually starting a screen saver? (Scripting is an option if I know what to do.)

Best Answer

You can create a desktop shortcut for Lock Workstation, it's C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation on the target path. Then, install MonitorES to automatically turn off the monitor the moment it's locked. Ok, it's not starting the screensaver, but it save more energy, and I think the screensaver thing was more about "click to lock"

Edit : A setting in MonitorES also allows auto starting of screensaver when locked, and it will work when you set a screensaver on Display setting. Still, I think it's better to simply turn off the monitor.