Windows – Map a network drive from a Mac network on the PC

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The Problem

I'm experiencing a problem. I the lone windows (7) user on a Mac network. I need to connect to a shared drive using a specific username/password.

What I do

My understanding is I need to map a network drive, right?

So I open windows explorer, find the Computer and share under Network. I right click and say "Map Network Drive…". I tick "Connect using different credentials" and enter my details.

It thinks for a minute and says "The Network folder specified is currently mapped to a username and password. To connect using a different user name and password, first disconnect any existing mapping to this network share."

The Twist

The twist is I don't have any other mapped network drives. My Computer on shows my C drive…

So how do I connect with different credentials?

Best Answer

Are the folders in the Mac enabled to share using SMB and/or AFP?

Follow this easy tutorial and you should be fine

Share files from Mac to Windows