Windows – Midnight Commander on Windows


I would like to use Midnight Commander on Windows. I found some threads related to Cygwin enabling me to use linux software on Windows. Can anyone point me to a documentation that might help me getting started?


Best Answer

To install Midnight Commander via Cygwin, follow the standard instructions – starting with setup.exe (edit: fixed link) – and make sure to select the mc package. I'm not sure whether it works conveniently enough; Cygwin as a whole is somewhat of its own world.

Within Windows 10, you could also install MC through the "Windows subsystem for Linux" using regular apt install or dnf install. While that's even more isolated from the main system, it still has access to Windows files of course.

Anyway, there is generally very little reason to do so. Midnight Commander isn't unique in its functions (in fact it was originally a clone of the MS-DOS "Norton Commander"), and there exist native Windows programs which do the same thing.

You should instead check out the Wikipedia lists of NC-inspired software and other dual-pane file managers. A common choice for text-console is Far Manager, which is a fully native Win32 program but still has the same original NC look & feel. Others (TotalCmd, Salamander, etc.) tend to be fully graphical.