Windows – Missing toast notifications in Windows 8.1

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I have clean-installed Windows 8.1 Pro a few days ago and decided to give some of the "modern" (or however they're called) apps a try. So I am using the app for e-mails and the Facebook app.

They seem to be pretty neat so far, however I have a pretty big problem with them and that is that most of the time, the toast notifications in the top right corner of the screen don't show up… Sometimes they do, but in like 90 % cases they don't. And then, when I am on my desktop, I have no way of knowing that I have received a new e-mail, Facebook message, nothing.

All the settings are turned on in the notification center mentioned here, the "calm period" (translated from Czech) is turned off and both the e-mail and the Facebook app have their notifications enabled.

Also, directly in the settings of each respecive apps, notifications are turned on (in case of Facebook for all events). Here are the screenshots of all the related settings I could find.

Is it only my case or is it something that is happening to everyone? How can I fix it? The Windows 8.1 Update 1 has not resolved the issue either.

Best Answer

(This answer is more of a summary of the work done in the comments of the post.)

Notifications are lousily done in Windows 8.1, but I advised to still recheck all settings and include their screenshots in the post.

As the notifications you were missing the most were from the email app, you checked it and found that the app was set to show notifications for emails from "favorite persons", which you then reset to show notifications on all incoming emails. Your explanation was that this change was caused by the Windows 8.1 Update 1, and the resetting of this parameter fixed the notifications problem for emails.

In the settings for the Facebook app you turned on all notifications (even though this is a bit of an overkill), but this didn't help. As this app is notoriously buggy, this was taken to be a bug that might be fixed in a future version.

My final advice was to keep the Facebook app updated and recheck its settings after every update, to see if some new setting has now become relevant. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future.