Windows – move to a mirrored Storage Space without losing data

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I have a single HDD. It is 35% full and contains only content. I have a separate SSD boot device with Windows on it.

I would like to buy another (identically sized) HDD and create a mirrored Storage Space using both drives. At the moment my current HDD is just a simple NTFS partition.

Can I do this without losing all the data on the first drive?

  • If so, is there anything I need to know about doing this?
  • If not, could I have done anything differently (to the first drive back when I first bought it) that would have meant I could?

Note: I do not already have a Storage Space pool.

Best Answer

  • The answer currently is NO.

    I'm trying to do the exact same thing (1 SDD with Win10 and 2 disks with previously mirrorred data on them)

    Apparently, all drives that go in a Storage Space Pool will be erased.


    Select the drives you want to add to the pool and click “Create Pool” to create a storage pool from those drives.

    Warning: All data on the drives you select will be erased, so back up any important data before continuing!