Windows – Moving the dropbox folder

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I am trying to move my Dropbox folder to a different location in the same drive, but am unable to do so. It keeps saying:

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Now I have closed every program and have also checked with Process Explorer that nothing is using Dropbox or the Dropbox folder, except for Dropbox of course! Why is this happening? I cannot just close Dropbox.. How will I move the folder then if not from Dropbox Preferences?

I'm using Dropbox 1.6.10 running on my Windows 8 system.


enter image description here

Best Answer

Ensure that Process Explorer is running with elevated privileges. By default it will not run with elevated privileges and as such, won't show you all file handles since its access to read certain process's resource information is denied. You should then be able to see which process is holding onto that directory, and thus kill said process.