Windows – My computer crashes when I start a steam game

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When I start a game, for example CS: GO, my computer crashes. First the screen goes black screen, then it crashes and starts again by it self. I think its something to do with DirectX, because when I look at the delete stuff list, I can't actually see DirectX anywhere.

I hope someone can help me figure out the problem

Other steam games: MW3 – Saints Row 3. These are 3 steam games that crash my pc when I start them.

My graphic card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 560. I have previously had some problems with it, for example when I am watching a Youtube video there's popping purple/blue squares randomly on my screen.

I don't know about the CPU stress.

Best Answer

Lets summarise:

  • When you use the video card for low intensity tasks you get popping purple, blue squares random on my screen.
  • When you use the video card for more demanding tasks the whole computer crashes.

I think you already found your problem.

  • Check if the fans on the card still run.

  • Check if all power cables are connected (if you are lucky it just is not getting enough power).

  • Check for exploded capacitors.

    If you find none of these (or can't replace them yourself) then replace the videocard. Optionally after testing it in another computer. One which you would not mind loosing if something breaks badly.