Windows – My computer shuts down after 3-5 hours while idle

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I just bought a new laptop (a Lenovov V570) with Windows 7 installed to be used as a server, however, the laptop hibernates after being idle for 3-5 hours.

I changed the power management settings so that the computer never sleeps, but it still hibernated itself.

I read a lot of questions about this issue and most of them seemed to be related to overheating, so I tried using a cooling pad with the computer to see if it wouldn't sleep. So far none of these ideas have worked.

I left it on overnight and then read the Windows event logs the next morning. The sleep event log said: The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: System Idle.

Is there a way to stop the system from sleeping after idling for a certain amount of time?

Best Answer

  • Open the control panel, go to Power Options and click Change plan settings. Then click on Change advanced power settings. Check all settings there, you should find the one which causes the idle shutdown.

    A guide to changing the power settings can be found here.