Windows – My graphics card doesn’t show up in the monitor settings window or DirectX diagnostic tool. Is the computer using it

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I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit with a touchscreen laptop.

I feel almost silly asking "Is my computer using my graphics card?" since I nearly know for a fact it is… but I have to ask.

I was using PCMag's tutorial for finding out which graphics card you have, which involves right clicking the desktop, and selecting screen resolution, then advanced settings. When I do this, my (as I understand it) default integrated graphics show up: "Intel HD Graphics 4400"

I knew I have a GeForce graphics card… it's on a sticker on my laptop for goodness' sake… so I followed this tutorial to the Device Manager and saw the Intel 4400 listed, followed by the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M.

So… if it's not showing up in my screen resolution window as PCMag said it should… is my computer using it as the "main graphics card" of sorts (my understanding of graphics processing is fairly limited).

Edit: I googled "find directx version" because I wanted to know that as well… which led me to the directx diagnostic tool (dxdiag)… which also lists the Intel 4400 as my graphics adapter. This is slightly concerning me now.

Best Answer

yes your computer is using it. but not on windows desktop. your pc uses nvidia gpu when you start games. you can tell your pc to use nvidia for any program or specifies programs using nvidia control panel enter image description here