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I have win 10 on my laptop. Surprisingly, it is 2 months that I can not open some of the websites on my laptop with any browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, …), especially the website of universities, even if I type the IP address of the website.

The problem is not form my internet provider because I can load those websites from my mobile via my WiFi (Not my sim-card's internet). Also I can open the websites from Ubuntu inside of a virtual box in my windows. The problem is not from firewall because I disable that and I had the problem again.

I think 2 possibilities may happen.

1- My laptop have some kind of virus, and it prevent visiting universities websites.

2- The windows can not find the DNS server for those websites. When I type ping it shows the correct IP address for those websites but the response failed because of timeout.

Any suggestion for solving this problem is appreciated.

Best Answer

I found this guide that covers this problem. It does say that this is for Google Chrome, but the majority of these solutions will work on any browser on your computer.

The basics are these:

  • Make sure the time and date is correct on your computer
  • Try temporarily disabling your antivirus to se if that works better
  • Check your hosts file for any incorrect information
  • Clear the SSL State (Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Content -> Clear SSL State)
  • Change the security and privacy level for Internet (Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Security) to medium

This last one will affect just Google Chrome:

  • Disable Chrome QUIC Protocol (go to chrome://flags/#enable-quic and select Disabled from the drop-down list under QUIC Protocol)