Windows – “not enough disk space” error while Windows 7 installation

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After spending the last week mucking about with an install of Windows 7 x64 SP1 that I really need to do a repair install on (vs doing a clean install), I'm stumped as to how to get around this problem of the "not enough disk space" that occurs at the 74% mark during the transfer of files and settings.

What I've figured out

  1. For some reason the 100 MB System Reserved Partition is missing
  2. I can create the System Reserved Partition using the Windows 7 manage feature.
    But regardless of whether I make it 100 MB or 256 MB I get the same error.
  3. The actual hard drive itself is 1.5 TB with 1.2 TB free space.
    So there is plenty of room on C: for what the repair install has to do
  4. Using EASEUS Partition Manager isn't recommended, so the 100MB partition has to end up after C: instead of before. Not sure if this is the issue.

I followed the instructions I found elsewhere

  • making the partition NTFS
  • no drive letter assignment
  • NTFS format, full format (not quick)
  • named as System Reserved

The issue might has to do with the attributes being given to the System Reserved Partition. I'm not able to mark the partition with the right attributes.

The info I've found suggests that the System Reserved partition should have system, active and primary as it's attributes. But the one I create only gets marked as as primary. I tried marking it as active. But that took the active status off C: drive (and when the repair install failed the rollback failed too as a result).

I could use a partition manager program via the UBCD to mark the System Reserved Partition appropriately. What do you think? Is there something else I'm missing?

Best Answer

The problem can be solved by applying the following steps:

  1. Delete the partition where you want to install, and the 100MB partition.
  2. Now the disk has unallocated space. Select the drive and install Windows.

The problem is caused by insufficient space in 100MB reserved partition 0.