Windows – Office 365 painfully slow on Remote Desktop and Windows 10

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I've noticed that Office 365 (version 16.0.7167.2060) running on a remote computer is very slow when I connect from a PC running Remote Desktop (version 10.0.14393.187) and Windows 10 (Pro version 1607).

The PC I'm connecting to is running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. Office 365 applications take 3-6 seconds to refresh. All other applications refresh in less than a second. Office 2010 applications refresh fine.

I can connect to the same computer from a Mac with Remote Desktop and performance is fine. I can connect to the same machine from a PC running Windows 7 and the performance is fine. I've used the Windows store version of Remote Desktop and I have the same problem.

I've tried connecting from a different PC with Windows 10 and Remote Desktop and I have the same problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Best Answer

Try changing the Display Setting in Remote Desktop Connection to a lower setting than Highest (32bit). I changed mine to True Colour 24bit and performance improved ten fold.

Before I did that, I found Word Macros could take over 1 minute to run. It was also quicker to type information instead of Copy/Paste from Excel.

Now, yes it works again!!!!