Windows – PC won’t POST after Windows Update

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I ran Windows Update on my Windows 7 64-bit machine recently, and elected to reboot after the updates completed. My machine failed to completely power off after starting the reboot and I had to hold the power button to completely power off. When powering back on now, the machine won't POST.

After pushing the Clear CMOS button on the back of my Asrock Z77-ITX motherboard, I was able to get to BIOS, but the machine failed to POST after exiting.

Now I cannot get back to BIOS, even after pushing the Clear CMOS button. Did I fudge my machine after the hard power-off when trying to reboot?

Best Answer

Found the problem. An internal USB cable wire was exposed and contacting the case interior. I was worried that either my CPU had gone bad or that my new (large) CPU cooler was contacting another component and causing a short. Thankfully swapping the USB cable solved the problem. Thanks to @nerdwaller for suggesting the grounding issue.

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