Windows Photo Viewer terminating with “Com Surrogate” error in Portrait Mode

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I'm using Windows 7 Professional SP1 (de, en, jp mui's installed before SP1 setup) with latest Intel HD graphics drivers and latest DirectX (to my knowledge)

On my Tablet PC, where rotating the screen is pretty standard, I have the following problem:

Whenever I rotate the screen to portrait mode and use the Windows Photo Viewer and close said program, It terminates with a "Com Surrogate" error in the "d3d9.dll" module.

Some with that an error of similar kind said it helped to copy over Windows Photo Viewer from an unaffected installation, but I do not have another installation with this MUI setup.

Any idea how to fix that error short of reinstalling Windows?

Best Answer

  • d3d9.dll is a component of Directx. I would upgrade your video card drivers, maybe run dxdiag and run some of its tests in both landscape and portrait modes. Beyond that, check if there are any updates to directx itself that might fix it.

    Edit: Sorry, didn't see that you already did video drivers and directx upgrades. Perhaps dxdiag might shed some light on the problem.

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