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I'm trying to set up a system that plays videos across three large HDTVs. I have the monitors all working, however when I try to maximize the video, it only maximizes on a single screen, rather than all three.

I'm running Windows 8.1 on a NUC DC53427HYE, which has an integrated Intel HD4000 graphics card. I've looked at stuff like Ultramon and DisplayFusion, but none seem to do what I need, which is to maximize a video across all 3 screens without showing the taskbar or anything else.

So, is there any software solution to this? Ideally it would be something that causes the computer to treat all 3 screens as one big screen, so I can simply hit "fullscreen" on whatever media player and it just works, however other solutions would also work as long as it ends up with the video file playing across all 3 screens without anything else showing.

Best Answer

  • VLC Media Player supports this feature.

    Tools > Preferences > Show settings: All > Video > Filters > enable Panoramix. Then open the Filters tree, go to Panoramix, and choose the settings you want (e.g. 3 columns, 1 row).

    Keep in mind, your video would have to be an extremely wide aspect ratio (e.g. 3840x720). Even an anamorphic widescreen movie wouldn't quite fill two HDTVs.

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