Windows – Powershell Remote Desktop Connection specifying user and password

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How do you specify a user when using the mstsc command in powershell? While I can specify the server, I cannot specify a user.

Let's assume Server name = server01, User name = Test, Password = PW

Example 1
mstsc /v:server01 /user server01\test /password PW

This only brings up the "Remote Desktop Connection Usage" help menu.

Example 2
mstsc /v:server01

This works, bringing up the normal RDP connection prompt for User & password.

Example 3
mstsc /v:server01 /user server01\test

Even trying to just specify the user fails, bringing up the help menu again.

Some website articles on powershell suggest using "Connect-RDP" or "Connect-Mstsc" instead of just "mstsc" as per above examples, but this only brings up an error code. My knowledge of powershell is very basic, so I'm probably making a simple mistake somewhere.

Best Answer

From the "Remote Desktop Connection Usage" help menu, there is no switch like "/user" or "/password".

Please try

cmdkey /generic:"server01" /user:"test" /pass:"PW"

Then used mstsc /v:server01 to connect to the server.