Windows – Problem starting a program in the startup folder at Windows startup

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I placed a shortcut to a program (with one parameter) in the startup folder. That program does not get started up upon Windows startup. The shortcut's target is something like:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\MyProgram\MyProgram.exe" -param

And the "Start in" is

"C:\Program Files (x86)\MyProgram\"

The program, when executed, would be run as Administrator.

Does anyone know what went wrong and how I could "debug" this?

Best Answer

I had exactly the same problem, UAC blocks the program because it asks for administrator rights, but does not pop up the "Do you feel lucky" dialog because of the way the program was initiated.

Solution: Instead of a startup shortcut, schedule a task to run at log on.

Go to: Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Schedule tasks

Here you can create tasks that do all sorts of stuff given a variety of conditions. When you create a task to run programs with administrator privileges you need to tick a box labeled "Run with highest privileges" under General -> Security options in the Create Task dialog.