Windows – Reinstall Windows 7 starter onto an Acer Aspire One Netbook

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I have been having some issues with my Netbook so I figured I would reformat it. I downloaded a copy of Windows 7 starter, inserted it into my USB DVD drive and started my netbook. I made it as far as,

where do you want to install Windows?

and it seems like the computer just freezes. it shows:

Disk 0 Partition 1: PQSERVICE          13.0 GB   OEM (Reserved)
Disk 0 Partition 2: SYSTEM RESERVED   101.0 MB   System
Disk 0 Partition 3                    218.8 GB   Primary

I cannot click on either of them, What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer

Acer has a recovery partition (1), use that to recover it to like new, see this link....

Using a regular install disc to format/install will damage this partition and make it unusable. Hopefully it did not.