Windows – rundll32.exe constantly running taking up resources slowing down the Win 7 computer


Over the past week, my Windows 7 Home Premium computer (8gb RAM, 64bit) has been running slowly. When I look at my processes, there are always 2 rundll32.exe's running taking up 3 & 25% CPU power, memory slowly creeping upwards from around 115mb to 160mb each in the time it has taken me to right this message, sometimes popping upt o 300mb and back down. Svchost.exe is at 260mb.

When I end those processes, everything returns to snappiness.

I recently did some Windows Updates, and I think it was around the time my computer started acting slowly, but I can't remember if it was before or after the updates that things started running slowly. Last night I ccleaned & defrag'ed.

How can I diagnose what's causing the slowness?

Best Answer

Try Process Explorer from Sysinternals. This will give you a lot more info about the processes than the Task Manager will. You should be able to deduce what the processes are tied to from there.