Windows – Running a cmd command from notepad++ and putting the output into a new buffer

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I'm running Windows and missing vim; is it possible to use Notepad++ to run a command from the Windows command prompt and place the output in a notepad++ buffer?

Best Answer

It seems to be me the original Q is about Notepad++ supporting something similar to vi's ability to read the output (stdout) of a shell command into the current doc (general buffer in vi termonology),

vi Example

:r! ls


: ( ex line editor command ) r ( read ) ! ( from the shell, the output (stdout) of the command ls into the current doc ( nothing specified, default is to read into general buffer )

Notepad++ v 7.7.1 ( 32-bit ) Example


or navigate menu system, Run menu to Run.. menu-item

Enter the desired command into the textbox of the notepad++ Run dialog,

cmd.exe /c echo %DATE% | clip

Press ENTER key or Click Run button

Ctrl+V contents of clipboard into Notepad++ document.