Windows – Show only specific files in the folder view of Windows Explorer


In a folder of hundreds of image files, I want to see only specific files (e.g. fileA.jpg, file783_asdf.jpg, file888sjs.jpg…). Note that I'm not talking about wildcards search, as files don't follow any naming patterns (and can be 30, 40 in number.)

So that out of all the files in that folder, only those desired ones are displayed in view — and then enables me to sort those via various columns (size, name, date, medium icons, large icons, etc.) just like a normal folder view.

Is that possible to do natively in Windows Explorer?

Best Answer

Depending on how many files you have, you could use Windows Search with boolean operators. It isn't concise, but it's the only way I can think of to do so natively within Explorer.

Going on your example, I would craft the query like this: name:"fileA.jpg" OR name:"file783_asdf.jpg" OR name:"file888sjs.jpg"

I believe the Windows Search Bar has a 260 character limit, which might well...limit... your success. You can also try it without the name qualifier, but with personal tests, it didn't work without it, because I had similarly named files that came up.