Windows – Skype profile picture is too blurry

skypewindows 7

Everytime I add a new skype image (even in the expected resolution – 480×480 pixels) Skype resizes it and the picture becames blurred.

Is there a way to fix it using Windows 7?

I read somewhere else that it is possible on Windows 8 but I don't have this OS right now.


I upvoted Dave's answer but I would like to know if there are any other way of doing that without an external app.

Best Answer

  • This appears to be a common issue with no direct fix, only a work around.

    Download Skype Portable 5.0 (or Google it if link dies.)
    Quite Normal Skype.
    Open Skype Portable.
    Change picture.
    Close Skype Portable.
    Open Normal Skype with nice picture.


    Or, change the picture on the phone/tablet instead of the computer.