Windows – Slack desktop app consumes almost 1GB only for 3 workspaces

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Can you tell me why slack desktop app consumes almost 1GB memory on my Windows 10 Pro PC? I have opened only 3 workspaces. This is horrible right? Any solution to reduce this.

This is the version: Direct Download 3.3.3 64-bit

enter image description here

This is the 3 workspaces:

enter image description here

Best Answer

  • Desktop version of Slack is based on Electron, which is basically standalone Chromium (open-source core of Google Chrome) plus some host OS integrations. In other words: it's a separate web browser, but limited to Slack.

    Bad news: Electron is a known resource hog. There is no way to fix it for you as a user. Slack developers are probably aware of this issue for some time now and they didn't fix it (and fixing it wouldn't be easy).

    Good news: It's not really consuming 1 GB of RAM. Chromium's sandbox uses multiple processes that share some memory. So when simply summing per-process values, you're counting some memory areas multiple times. Still, it's probably using well over 500 MB.

    One way to reduce Slack's memory consumption would be to use it in a browser instead of the standalone app.