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I install the same printer several times to allow easy selection for users. They just choose the desired printer to have the corresponding functionality (instead of going to printer properties and change them back and forth): one with double-sided printing, one for draft quality, one for upper tray, etc.

On Windows 7, when I install a printer several times, the control panel's printers icons are merged.
I then have only one icon for two or three identical printers. I can right-click on the icon to display the usual menu, and some items of the menu have an arrow to access each printer.
This is very misleading for some users and admins.

I have this behavior in some computers, when others don't exhibit this.
I didn't find what is the difference between computers with and without the problem.

Anyone know how to prevent this ?

Best Answer

  • This by design. Look at this information from Microsoft - The link has an workaround for the problem.

    Alternatively, my suggestion is to use different port names for each of your installation. I am assuming that you are using network printer and you install the printers using "Add printer wizard". In each of your installation, you can change the port name (not the ip address or hostname) to a different name. This will ensure that the OS does not group the printers together in one icon.

    Hope this helps.

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