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Some icons in my Windows 7 (desktop) have these strange borders:

I tried changing the size, and it seems to be disappearing at some point (around 48 or even 32px.). Changing between Small-Medium-Large on right-click context menu doesn't change the size of this icon, it stays small, and the border remains in place.

I want that icon to be as large as those three on the right are (I can easily change their size by CTRL+mouse wheel, and they always stay clean and sharp).

The strange thing is – that icon is 128x128px.. so I thought it would work until it reaches that 128px maximum size. But it works another way, very weird. Knowing that *.ico file may contain different sizes, I've opened it in Photoshop as 128x128px, and saved it as a different *.ico file. And the damn thing still doesn't want to work.

Is it possible to solve this (instead of changing the icon to another one?)

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Best Answer

Your .ICO file needs to have a 256x256 layer to be able to be zoomed above 'medium' and not have that border.

That layer may have to be RGB/A as well, but I'm not 100% on that off hand.

Here's some good information on the changes to Windows Icons in Vista.