Windows – Starting to type in PuTTY session before server responded


I often SSH to remote computers using PuTTY.

You know what really annoys me? Those 4-8 seconds from the moment I launch PuTTY to the moment the server responds with the prompt and I can start typing.

I wouldn't mind the wait, but unlike most other GUI/CLI interfaces, I can't type during the wait time! I want to be able to start typing stuff while I'm waiting for the server to respond, and then have the server execute the command when it's ready.

Possible? How?

Best Answer

Things one could try to speed-up the connection :

  1. DNS Reverse Lookup settings generally cause SSH connections to be very slow and can take several seconds. If you can, put your client side IP address into the /etc/hosts file on the server.
  2. An alternative to the first point is to edit the SSH config file (/etc/ssh/sshd_config) and add a "UseDNS no" line (or change the existing one). Then restart sshd via sudo etc/init.d/ssh restart.
  3. Try using the IP address of the server instead of the server name
  4. For completeness, on Linux one could also check the order of the nameserver entries in /etc/resolve.conf.

If none of this helps, you could try turning on the Logging panel and see if there are any interesting messages in it.