Windows – Task manager in Windows 8 slower because it reads CatRoot

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It seems that whenever the Windows 8 Task Manager is about to be launched, it first reads the file C:\Windows\System32\launchtm.exe, and then it reads the contents of my C:\Windows\System32\CatRoot folder. Because of the sheer number of files in that folder (> 1000), it takes more than ~2 full seconds on my SSD on a cold boot before Task Manager comes up.

Is there a way to prevent this? Why does it happen, and how can I make the task manager start up quickly as in Windows 7?

Best Answer

  • This looks like a bug in Windows 8 itself. If you go to the bottom left of your screen and right click the mouse button where the menu opens (see the picture at the bottom) and click on "Task Manager" menu item there, it should open almost immediately.

    (as in the picture)

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