Windows – Task Manager shows higher total CPU usage than the sum of all running processes. Hidden process

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In Windows Task Manager and AVG Task Manager (included in TuneUp Utilities), I see that the sum of all the running processes is much lower than the total CPU usage shown in "performance" tab. Does this mean that my PC is running a hidden process or some malware that's not displaying in the Task Manager?

EDIT: inbuilt monitor showing this too, and show processes from all users showing too. laptop is two-cores, and I'm taking total load of both.

Best Answer

This is because the task manager round up or round down the CPU usage values per process. You can see a lot of process using "0" CPU time, this is false, they use "0,xxxxxxx" cpu time.

What you need is a process manager showing more precise value to you.

Some process can also be hidden (negative PID, running as another user) or some piece of hardware may have direct access to the CPU by passing your operating system (but probably not)