Windows – Task manager won’t start after nasty virus

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Had a nasty virus. Got a trojan through a patch to a game I have played a lot (world of tanks).
The trojan was named Win32: Patched-ZX. Which opened up for several rootkit(according to AV) and 3 worms (forgot name).

Got them all deleted but ever since then my task manager won't start. when I press ctrl+alt+del and select task manager it shows up as a icon in my small taskbar in lower right corner but nothing opens. after a few seconds it closes down and dissapers. Same thing is happening to my CCC (going to reinstall that one though) and my desktop window manager keeps crashing.

What can I do to make task manager and desktop window manager work again?

Best Answer

I'm not totally trustful of these anti virus removal programs. They do a pretty good job but the virus writers are sometimes a lot smarter.

If this system is critical, important and needs a high level of integrity, I'd be cracking out the Install disks for Windows and reinstalling the entire thing. THEN, using the fine backups that I have been keeping restore necessary files.