Windows terminal: Predefined tabs on startup


Is it possible to start the Windows terminal with (multiple) tabs, each on a configured working directory?

The reason for this is, because I usually manually do the same steps each day: Start the same handful of shells and cd on each of them to a specific path. E.g.

  1. GitBash to my workspace
  2. Cmd to the building dir in my workspace
  3. Ubuntu bash to some data generation app

It would be super cool to automate these steps.

This question is a bit similar to Open Terminal with predefined tabs but for the new Windows Terminal.

Best Answer

I think creating a custom shortcut might at least partially solve your issue.

  1. Right click anywhere on the desktop -> New -> Shortcut
  2. Type the start configuration you want, for example:

wt ; new-tab -p "Command Prompt" -d C:\Users\Donatas\Workspace ; split-pane -p "Ubuntu"

  • wt - opens Windows Terminal
  • new-tab - opens new tab
  • split-pane - splits the screen (you can split the tab both, vertically and horizontally)
  • -p specifies the profile for example, Ubuntu
  • -d specifies starting directory of the profile

More information:

  1. Type shortcut name.
  2. Run the shortcut, you should get two tabs and second tab should be split in two. Something like that:

Windows terminal with multiple tabs

  1. Optionally, you can change icon, pin to the task or start bars.