Windows Terminal: run CLI command on start up


I was recently interested by new Windows Terminal, so after testing it a bit, I wanted to have one profile which will instantly start development environment of my gatsby website. So I created another profile with config as follows:

"guid": "given unique guid",
"name": "Gatsby DEV",
"startingDirectory": "C:\\Projects\\gatsby-website\\",
"commandline": "gatsby develop"

Unfortunately, after choosing the profile from a menu, I can only see a tab blink, meaning it opens and closes immediately. When I added "closeOnExit": false option, it didn't close, but the shown tab is empty.

Has anyone tried it already and succeeded?

Best Answer

  • I use the following to start a Node.JS environment -

      "guid": "{CBEAD37E-E945-4569-AAFA-091A9D3321C9}",
      "name": "Node.js",
      "commandline": "cmd /k \"F:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\nodevars.bat\"",
      "colorScheme": "Vintage",
      "hidden": false

    The profile above spawns a CMD shell using the /k flag. /k instructs the shell to execute the command and then return to the cmd prompt allowing further input. In the case of the script above it spawns a shell; runs the batch file that initializes the environment variables and then returns you to a fully configured prompt.

    If your tab is appearing and then disappearing immediately it is because the command you are running is providing a return code to announce that it has completed. By wrapping this in a command shell (with the /k flag) the return code is delivered to cmd and consumed rather than being passed to Windows Terminal which will instruct the tab to close.

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