Windows – Transfer Hard Disk space from one partition to another Windows 7 Home Premium

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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. I have about half of my hard disk allocated to C Drive and now I want to either create a new partition or transfer a part of the C Drive space to other drives like D or E.
I cannot create more partitions as I have reached the upper bound for the same. If there is a way through this please do tell me.
If there isn't, please do tell me the if there is any transfer procedure.

Thanx in advance.

P.S.: I cannot afford to format my system or even take any risk with my data. I even can't afford to buy any softwares.

Best Answer

You can shrink half the size volume C using Device Manager, then format freed unallocated space, but do not assign letter on it, but attach to any drive as a hard link to a folder on volume D or E. When you will write data to that folder on that volume, your data will be written to the disk C:. In other words you will be able to use an additional space on volume C without risky operations and this solution is ultra fast. In the future, be more patient when planning your hard drives configuration to boot windows on it. In linux or mac that is not a problem, since, them not using primary-logical partitions, but they can use GUID partitioning to reference to a particular hard drive partition.