Windows – typing double apostrophe when apostrophe button is pressed

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As the title explains, when I press the apostrophe button on my laptop (') it appears double. I am also unable to make an "é" directly by pushing the (') button followed by the "e". Which I would like.

Regional settings are English (United States)

Keyboard: United States-International

Windows 10 Home, HP Elitebook 745 G2, bought in the Netherlands with (i think) international keyboard.

Can someone help me out which settings to alter?

Best Answer

I think there is no way to do an (é) in the American Keyboard, since US doesn't use the orthographic accent, in the sentences. But you can use it changing the input language of the keyboard in the Control Panel, to an Spanish layout.

Is this your keyboard?

Could you please clarify and give us and example, in how is it come "double" when you press the apostrophe (') ?

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