Windows – Ubuntu VirtualBox seamless mode doesn’t work well

Ubuntuvirtualboxwindows 10

My host environment is Win10 and my Guest env is Ubuntu 15.10.

Though I installed guest additions, seamless mode doesn't work well; I can activate it and it shows only open windows, but doesn't combine Win and Ubuntu – The Unity bar is not on the left side of the screen and the top bar is not on the top…

Please, is there something you would recommend me of checking?

Note: I've already installed guest tools.

Best Answer

This seems like a misunderstanding of what seamless mode does and how it behaves. The main purpose of seamless mode is to make desktop apps on the virtual machine visually appear as though they are running on the host's desktop. This doesn't include desktop items such as the unity bar.

This how-to article includes screenshots that appear to confirm this.