Windows Update Properties – Access Denied (as Administrator)

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I'm trying to set the startup type to Automatic in Windows Update Properties of Windows 10, but the error "Access denied" appears.
How can I fix it?

I tryed also with the command "Net user administrator /active:yes" in the Prompt; the administrator modality is activated, but I get the same error when I try to do the forementioned action.

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Thank you in advance.

Best Answer

The Windows Update Startup type in Windows 10 is Manual, and there is no need to change it to Automatic for it to work. Actually, changing the Startup type to "Automatic" or "Automatic (Delayed Start)" might cause it to malfunction if it starts too early.

It is also doubtful whether such a change will keep, because Windows 10 surveys periodically the settings of Windows Update and will restore them from time to time.

If you wish to try and change this setting:

  • Start regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv
  • Change Start to:
    • Automatic : 2
    • Manual : 3
    • Disabled : 4
    • Automatic (Delayed Start) : 2